New York Scenes 2012-2015. Brooklyn, New York, Coney island

Photos : Adrian WM Jones

Photo Documentary : New York Scenes 2012-2015

A continuation of the 2010-2011 series, unlike the previous collection which were shot on 35mm film these images were captured using a digital Olympus rangefinder. My commutes between Cape Town and NYC continued, now married with children but still with roots in the city I stumbled upon an annual gig working with and Henry Carrol (the now best selling author of the 'Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs' book series). These were 'gourmet' photo getaway / city learning trips, which combined a mixed of sampling New York restaurants, learning photography and seeing most of the city's best offerings. The first trips I worked alongside Henry then I hosted the ones that followed on my own, part of the assignments for the students were street photography in Little Italy, Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge and Coney Island. During this time I managed to continue my work across these part of town and work them into the New York Scenes collection, I do not combine them with the 2010 set since the approach here is quite different. For one it's digital which is a totally different discipline, which in turn forces the romance to take a back seat, these images are more character / story driven, and don't rely so much on creating 'look'.

I love Coney Island, it's a photographic paradise, littered with personalities, content rich,a real life movie set! Working through little Italy however is somewhat more challenging, there is an abundance of tourists which quite often creates a conflict in the narrative and there's something about the geography in that pocket that makes it hard to get visually balanced shot, the same goes for Chinatown, I much prefer working were the buildings are taller or out there on the boardwalk. Although I predominantly focus on architecture these days I will continue to chip away at this series.

Adrian WM Jones

Adrian Jones is a Connecticut based architectural photographer & documentary photographer. With over 20 years in the field he has worked in many areas of the film and photography industry and now uses his vast experience to focus on photographing architecture for architects and personal documentary projects.

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