VUVUZELA!! FIFA 2010 World Cup. Cape Town, South Africa

Photos : Adrian WM Jones

Photo Documentary : VUVUZELA!! FIFA 2010 World Cup

Shot across Cape Town on 35 mm rangefinders, this collection follows the story of the Vuvuzela at the 2010 South African Wold Cup. The Vuvuzela is a plastic horn which blasts a formidable bellow, imagine 50,000 mini fog horns letting loose for 90 minutes, sound waves rippling through ear drums and forcing even the most vocal players into a silent world. For a world cup which was crushed by the 2008 financial crisis, with empty restaurants, desolate fan camps and a general attendance for what would appear to be a little known sport called soccer, the vuvuzela made up the numbers for the lack of voices. For those who arrived not knowing what a vuvuzela was, they would have certainly left with one in their luggage and a new way to upset their opponents.

Adrian WM Jones

Adrian Jones is a Connecticut based architectural photographer & documentary photographer. With over 20 years in the field he has worked in many areas of the film and photography industry and now uses his vast experience to focus on photographing architecture for architects and personal documentary projects.

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